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American Wushu Academy Reviews

  • I had been looking for an activity for my kids, and we saw a Wushu demonstration from AWA at their school. The kids couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day. 
    I called Mrs. Shea and got them a trial class and they were hooked!
    We love seeing how excited the kids are to go to class and what they learned that day. The progress has shown to be beneficial with their school work and personal relationships. 
    More recently my husband and I started their Group Fitness / HITT classes, which is not only really good for us, but FUN and such a different way of working out! 
    Sifu is great with helping kids and adults figure out their skill level and help them achieve their goals. 
    I can't say enough good things about AWA!!


    Great for the whole family!
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    Love this group! Great leadership and very healthy outlet for all ages. I would highly recommend Sifu and his team to anyone! My son loved his experience with them and wushu!

    Daniela V.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    The instructor is Sifu Proano. If you contact him from the website, you can arrange to come to watch a few sessions. Prices are reasonable.

    This program has a dual focus--forms and sparring. Mondays are standard forms, Wednesdays weapons forms, and Fridays sparring. A good portion of each session is devoted to strength and flexibility to help forms and sparring, and testing for your smashed involves strength and flexibility benchmarks in addition to passing your forms. Emphasis is also given to competition locally and in other states. 

    Sifu Proano is fantastic with kids and adults both. For the kids, he is really good at teaching accountability, the value of achievement, and benefits of going the extra me. He's also knowledgeable enough to help adults really refine forms and sparring techniques. So glad I found this operation.

    Spencer P.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    Juan is the most dynamic and compassionate instructor I have ever met. His love for the art coupled with his passion for teaching and helping is beyond admirable. Thank you, Juan!

    Courtney C.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    AWA has gone above and beyond my expectations of a martial arts school. I've been attending the school for about 2 years now and can say with confidence that I am the strongest and the most fit I have ever been. My flexibility has improved immensely and I'm finally getting to learn this unique style that I've been admiring for so long! I like that I have the opportunity to explore all that wushu has to offer- from the traditional and modern styles to the northern and southern styles. AWA does not ignore the other aspects of wushu- Flexibility and strength! We are continuously pushing to the next level. Whether you are looking at becoming a competitor, looking to get in shape or just want something to put your focus into- AWA is the place. Highly recommended.

    Courtney R.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    Juan was an excellent trainer- patient and thoughtful. He had a knack for keeping my spirits high and helping me stay focused on my goals. Thanks for everything, Juan!

    Josh S.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    My Daughter just loves the American Wushu Academy. She has learned a lot  Wushu has built her self-confidence.  It has also motivated her to get into better shape   The Academy is very focused and wants each student to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. They have Tournaments in The Phoenix area also in Cali and Las Vegas if the children choose to go to the next level and compete.

    Diana R.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    American Wushu Academy is Run and operated by Sifu Juan Carlos Proano. He is amazing at Wushu martial art. He is very passionate and dedicated to teaching this great Chinese martial art. This is a form of modern Kungfu. My two boys and I practice Wushu at this school. And it has helped us physically en mentally. I can see that my boy's flexibility has improved a lot, they play club soccer so their flexibility was very poor. Also, they core strength and self-confidence has improved. I also noticed the improvement on my flexibility and core strength. If you are looking for a Wushu school try A.WA. contact Sifu Juan Carlos he very approachable and willing to arrange a free lesson.

    Eric U.
  • If you are in the east valley I recommend American Wushu Academy. Sifu Proano is an exceptional martial arts teacher and kung fu practitioner!

    Allan C.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    If you are in the east valley I recommend American Wushu Academy. Sifu Proano is an exceptional martial arts teacher and kung fu practitioner!

    Allan C.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    Best mentor, instructor and person I've looked up to. Introduced me to martial arts and fitness at a young age. Keep it up!

    Jose L.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    My son has PDD-NOS (falls under the autism umbrella) and this is one of the few activities he loves and takes seriously. Sifu Juan is incredible with kiddos and has a knack for getting those that struggle in various ways to focus, learn, and gain confidence in their learned skills.

    Shaina N.
  • Kids Martial Arts East Mesa

    My son started 4 years ago and now he has purple sash. He attended in many tournaments and earned many medals and we believe that he owes his success to American Wushu Academy and especially his teacher Sifu Juan Carlos Proano. My son has a terrific experience in American Wushu Academy and loves his teacher, Sifu Proano, and we do too because he has always been very supportive and encouraging. Sifu Proano always shows respect for their students at every age. He knows each child's ability and teaches based on the child's ability. Moreover, he is very compassionate and patient. "Sifu is a real gentleman" is what my son has told me a couple of times. I can tell that Sifu Proano is a role model for my son and we are pleased that we have Sifu as my son's teacher and a friend because we know a teacher like him is not easy to find.

    Rozita V.

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